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What NFT should I buy? 🤔

gm everyone.
a common question that I have been getting recently is: ‘What NFT should I buy?’
It’s awesome to see that more and more people are interested in purchasing their first NFT, but the answer to this question is not very straight forward.
NFTs are collectibles, but also investment vehicles. That’s why it’s not only a matter of shopping around and buying what appeals to you - unless you are literally buying it for the art and would be happy if its value were to go to zero. If this is the case, feel free to go wild on OpenSea! 😊
If you are trying to get to know NFTs as investments, however, I would suggest to follow a few collections that are already a bit more established and try to understand what made them successful.
Also keep in mind that with anything new, there are first mover advantages that can create moats.
Crypto Punks will forever be the first 10K pfp collection and will hold value because of that.
Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) was the first NFT collection that successfully created a secondary line: the Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC).
These mutants are not particularly visually pleasing, but they widened the community by another 11,000 holders, added value to the original BAYC holders and helped to strengthen the overall brand.
BAYC were also the first ones who started building the brand professionally, partnering with Adidas and getting celebrities like Eminem, Stephen Curry and Gwyneth Paltrow to rock their NFT as profile pictures on Twitter (at least temporarily).
One can definitely study the things that make a collection successful and these indicators will be good signs to see in other projects.
However, if you see something that’s a bit too similar, then that is usually a warning sign. The new collection would have to innovate on some other level or target a different audience to turn into a success story (with success story I mean something that can sustain and grow its value over time, just like successful startups).
In today’s ‘Learning in Web3’ section, I have listed a few NFT collections for you to check out, also featuring a few women-led ones.
None of the collections listed are investment advice - they are merely examples of projects that have done well or have built a good reputation for themselves in the NFT space (which in itself is a success given the amount of awful projects out there).
Until next week, keep blooming!
Founder of Blooming Founders
Mantra of the Week
“What you do matters, but why you do it matters much more.”
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Learning About Web3
A list of NFT collections to check out
Below is a list of NFT collections you can check out to get familiar with what’s out there beyond Crypto Punks and BAYC.
Most of them are pfp collections, but some also have gaming and DeFi elements to them (meaning you can earn tokens by holding and potentially staking them).
I have linked to the Twitter profiles of these collections because they usually have links to their OpenSea collection and their Discord if you want to jump into the community.
Always go via official links, so you don’t land in spam and scam territory.
Established collections (blue chips):
  1. Doodles
  2. VeeFriends
  3. RTFKT
  4. World of Women (women-led)
  5. Cool Cats
  6. CyberKongz
  7. Gutter Cat Gang
  8. Punks Comic & MetaHero by PixelVault
  9. Wolf Game
Up and coming collections:
  1. Crypto Coven (women-led)
  2. Deadfellas
  3. SmolBrains
  4. CryptoMories
  5. Azuki
  6. Capsule House
Women-led collections:
  1. FameLadySquad
  2. Crypto Chicks
  3. BossBeauties
  4. Sad Girls Bar
  5. Alpha Girl Club
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