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By Lu Li

Your weekly dose of insights on NFTs, web3 and startup growth. Until next Sunday, keep blooming and wagmi! ✨

Your weekly dose of insights on NFTs, web3 and startup growth.
Until next Sunday, keep blooming and wagmi! ✨

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On Copyrights and Originality of NFTs

gm everyone,Originally, I wanted to write about what great community building looks like for NFTs, but this week has been heavy and I hope that you are taking care of yourself amidst what's going on in the world. Most of us have probably lived in very stable …


The case of female-centric NFT projects

gm everyone,"Investing in female-led or female-focused startups is good business." Those, who have been following been this newsletter for a while, know that I've championed this mantra for many many years.In web2, there still isn't a lot of funding going tow…


How to spot NFT scams 🚨

gm everyone,this week I had the pleasure to record a podcast episode with Emilie Bellet, founder of Vestpod, and one of the questions she asked me was: "How much money do I need to invest to get started with NFTs?"The stories that we hear nowadays are usually…


What I look for in NFT projects 🧐

gm everyone,and Happy Lunar New Year to everyone who celebrates! 🎊🐯The Year of the Tiger is seen as an exciting year as the tiger stands for courage, braveness and adventures in the Chinese zodiac. After the Year of the (slow and steady moving) Ox, we could d…


What NFT should I buy? 🤔

gm everyone.a common question that I have been getting recently is: 'What NFT should I buy?' It's awesome to see that more and more people are interested in purchasing their first NFT, but the answer to this question is not very straight forward. NFTs are col…


Web3 Glossary (Part 2) 📚

gm everyone,Since we will be talking a lot about web3 and NFTs, I felt it's appropriate to change the greeting of this newsletter."gm" stands for "good morning" and - shockingly - I forgot to include it in the web3 glossary last week, even though it is one of…


Web3 Glossary (Part 1) 📚

Happy Friday everyone!I've noticed this week how little email I'm still using for my work - a lot of conversations and coordination now happen between Whatsapp, Slack and Discord.I'm still getting about 30-40 emails a day, however, which has led to almost 200…


How to get started with NFTs (also ✨ New Year, New Goals ✨)

Happy New Year everyone! ✨First newsletter of the year.... and it's coming out late. 🙈I will blame the vaccine booster for knocking me out this week and hope that you had slightly better start into 2022. May it become a year full of professional and personal …


Something to think about this Christmas 🤔

Christmas Eve is here and I hope you are easing into the holiday break with your loved ones and a lot of good food. 🎄✨This week has been an interesting one.Sifted published an article about Europe's wealthiest founders on paper. In order to make that list, yo…


How NFTs can bring you passive income 💸

Since yesterday the Happy Holidays emails have started to reach my inbox — a clear sign that this year is coming to the end.I'm working on some things that I really want to finish this side of the year, so I won't be doing an end of year reflection just yet.I…


NFTs: what are they and why are they valuable? 🤔

Okay, admittedly I have to come up with a better intro paragraph next time.This divider line above is a fixed feature of this template and I just realised this week that it's meant to separate an intro part to the body of the newsletter.You see, publication p…


Web1 vs web2 vs web3 👩‍💻

By the way, cleaning your mailing list really does work to improve open rates.Our subscriber size shrank by around 15% after using Neverbounce, but our opening rates jumped by 40% vs average (okay some of this can probably also be attributed to the Subject li…


New newsletter, who dis? 👀

In case you are wondering why I've chosen Revue over other platforms, here are a few reasons:It's free. I used to pay around £30/month for the privilege of sending emails on WIX and would need to pay over £60/month if I migrated to Mailchimp.The nature of thi…